About Stanways Family Bakers

About Stanways Family Bakers

about-stanways-bakeryAlmost 50 years of Baking Experience

Hello everyone, it’s Roger here – the owner of Stanways Bakery – and I’d like to share with you some of the history about Stanways Bakery from its new beginnings nearly 50 years ago to the current day.

It was 1962 – the year that The Beatles had their first hit single – when Pete & Denise Stanway launched Stanways Bakery & Confectioners in Antrobus, a beautiful, leafy village in Cheshire. Denise already had experience of working in a confectioners and Pete was actually a joiner by trade – but given Denise’s love of baking (especially pies and cakes) – and her obvious skill at it – the couple decided to follow their heart and set up a business doing something they knew they would enjoy together and happily put all their effort and time into. Starting from a small shed at the back of the house, the custom of Stanways being synonymous with family traditions, fresh, tasty produce and excellent quality, not to mention value-for-money, was born.

Right from the start, the core values that underpin Stanways and the distinctive recipes for our Savouries, Fruit Pies and Cakes were passed on through the family – with Pete’s sister Denise working for the business. So when it felt time for Pete & Denise Stanway to hang up their aprons and oven gloves, Denise and her husband John Harrison (my Aunt & Uncle) took the business over and their daughters Sarah & Lisa worked at the bakery too. That was around 1982 (by which time it was “Dexy’s Midnight Runners” having the hit singles!).

In 2007 John & Denise decided to retire. As their nephew I had always been interested in the bakery and was proud of the family connection so not only did I acquire the business but also took the opportunity to move it to Village Farm in Lower Whitley – not far away from Antrobus and still in rural Cheshire. Fortunately both Sarah & Lisa stayed with us for quite a while, assuring the continuity of not only our family tradition but also of the first rate skills and experience that the 3 ladies brought with them.


With in-house training for all new team members, we have a skilled team who get up very early to create and bake our tasty, fresh, quality products on a daily basis using only the best of ingredients from local and reputable suppliers.

We currently sell and deliver our oven-fresh products Monday – Saturday to mostly Wholesale customers in Cheshire and in particular our deliveries take us in and around the market town of Northwich, which is in the Cheshire Plain.

I usually do the delivering myself (except on Fridays) – it’s always good to get healthy feedback from my customers face to face. Chances are if you have visited one of the established Farm Shops, Golf Courses, Butchers, Village Stores etc. around here and tried some of their bakery produce, it may well be a fresh Stanways Pork Pie, Quiche, Fruit Crumble, wonderful “Loaf” cakes etc. that you have enjoyed!

We also retail to individual customers who loyally come back to the bakery with their orders on a regular basis, particularly when there is a special event coming up! Of course the “Icing on the Cake” is when those very satisfied customers tell their friends and family where their party food came from. “Word of mouth” is something we appreciate at Stanways as we will never compromise on quality, freshness and taste – and there is nothing more satisfying than new customers recommended by our current ones.

So from 1962 to modern day (from the Beatles to Michael Bublé!) Stanways Bakery has been a family affair. We have built a reputation to be proud of and one which we will continue to maintain, through our commitment to our customers and the quality of our bakery products. We’re a happy, dedicated team whose customers expect nothing but the best – and that’s what we’ll continue to provide – straight from our ovens!

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