Stanways Bakery In Action

Stanways Bakery In Action


“Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.”
Henry Ford

Well Stanways Bakery “came together” all those years ago in 1962 and as a family and a business we have “kept together” right up to the current day; “working together” as a great team in our bakery at Lower Whitley is a huge part of our continued success. We would like to share with you some of what the team does – and what we create – as well as how we do it, on this page of our website.

“There is nothing better on a cold wintry day than a properly made pot pie”. That’s a quote by Craig Claiborne who was a very well known US restaurant critic in 20th Century. How true! Well of course we create far more than delicious “pot pies” here at Stanways but let’s start showing you a bit more of what we actually do “behind the scenes” to create our Meat & Potato Pies, Pork Pies & Sausage Rolls”.

It isn’t exactly “Easy as Pie” (or indeed a “Piece of Cake!) but it is a real team effort. Bearing in mind the wealth of baking experience we have at Stanways – and the mix our younger team members always willing to learn and extend their own skills – then the techniques for making our warm and satisfying Meat & Potato Pie are in very good, experienced hands.

Meat and Potato Pies

OK – here we go:

The action starts early in the morning and we bake according to our orders to ensure as little waste as possible;

Obviously we use new containers for each individual pie;

First we make the short crust pastry – measuring carefully the ingredients before the pastry is mixed with the help of our mixer

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Just the right amount of pastry is then placed in each container before they are prepared for “the blocker” – for “blocking out”;

The result is a perfected moulded (uncooked) inner pastry case;

Meanwhile we have been busy making the filling from beef delivered fresh that day, from local potatoes and using the delicious recipe that’s been passed down through the years;

The filling is then scooped into each individual pie container;

We then brush the rim of the pastry with water to ensure a good fit for the pie lid;

Where are the pie lids?! Well, we have been carefully kneading and then rolling out the pastry needed for the pie lids and – using a circular cutter – individually cutting each lid;

The lids are placed onto top of the pastry case;

Then each pie is placed back on the blocker from “crimping”;

You can see the result – perfectly formed individual Meat & Potato Pies;

They are all placed on trays and kept fresh in our cold store until they are cooked in our ovens at around 8am the next day;

The scrumptious pies are then racked and ultimately put into boxes to satisfy each individual customer order;

With printed order forms to accompany them, the pies are then immediately delivered fresh to each Wholesale customer, Monday – Saturday;

Naturally we will always advise the sell-by date of the Pies;

Or of course there may be some Pies ready & waiting for some of our Retail customers who visit us at the bakery for pick-up;

Phew – what a super team effort!

Pork Pies

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Taking clean & empty Pork Pie baking tins of various sizes, we create delicious Pork Pies with our own filling. As soon as they come out of the oven and then out of their baking tins, they are glazed – giving that very distinctive look to the pastry – and then when they have cooled we inject jelly to protect them from drying out – it fills the cavity caused by natural shrinkage of the meat during cooking.

We add Apples to some pies, depending on what has been ordered by our customers (Pork & Apple go so well together) or sometimes Cranberries (for a very distinctive and different taste).

Did you know that in some parts of Yorkshire, especially West Yorkshire (and more so, Halifax), pork pies are called “stand pies”? It’s probably because they can stand up by themselves without the support of a pie tin.

Sausage Rolls

Long sheets of just-made, just rolled Puff Pastry laid onto a floured work surface and cut into 4 lengthways, with rolls of Stanways-made sausage meat placed all the way down the middle; the pastry wrapped as a tube around the sausage meat, brushed with egg, cut into the lengths needed to satisfy “today’s order” – could be Small, Regular or Jumbo – and there you have a very tasty Stanways Bakery sausage roll ready for baking!

This is a hugely popular customer favourite!

Eat hot or cold, any time of year. Serve for lunch with some piccalilli, eat “on its own and on the go” during a busy lunch-time business meeting, pack them into a picnic, or place them in pride of place at the buffet for your party – it’s a must have isn’t it?

The versatile Sausage Roll!

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