Stanways Product Range

Stanways Product Range

Our products are created and baked on a daily basis (Monday – Saturday) so as to meet all the needs of our customers and so that you can be sure of their freshness every time. Of course, we use the finest of ingredients from local, reputable suppliers such as BAKO – a leading supplier of baking ingredients who have their UK headquarters here in the North West of England – and Poplars Farm in nearby Antrobus, who have been supplying us with the freshest of Free Range Eggs for many a year.

Our team have a vast experience in the profession – with 3 out of the 7 being “Stanways” family members who (along with our supervisor) worked for the previous generation of Stanways Bakery before we moved to Lower Whitley – our family baking traditions & culture came with them.

Delivery of our Wholesale customers’ orders straight to their door is all part of the service – and if YOU are looking for fresh, handmade bakery produce then we are sure that the quality of our wide range of Savouries and Sweet Range will bring customers back to YOUR door time and again! There is no delivery charge and we are happy to deliver anywhere in the Cheshire area.

Of course we also welcome custom here at the bakery itself if you would like us to Retail directly to you for Parties, Country Fêtes etc.

TO ORDER FROM US please call 01925 730896 (we have an answer phone where you can leave your order details at any time – if we have any questions, we’ll call you back!) or of course you may email/visit us as per our “Contact Us” information (there is also a Google Map so you can see exactly where all the action takes place!).

We need 24 hours notice (and preferably before 12 noon) for deliveries required the next day.

** Click Here to read our COVID notice to see how it affects orders. **


For Wholesale customers, please call us first so that we can advise you of our wholesale prices for delivery of your order. A full list of our Savouries and Sweet Range can be found below.

For Retail customers collecting straight from the Bakery, a full list of our product range and prices can be found here in this “Retail Prices” PDF file.


From Sausage Rolls to Pork Pies of various sizes, from Pasties to Quiches, from Bacon & Cheese Twists to “just-like-Mum-used-to-bake” Steak & Kidney Pies, take your pick of our delicious Savouries!

Pork Pie Party Size
Pork Pie
Pork Pie Medium
Pork Pie Large

Pork & Apple Pie
Pork & Apple Pie Medium
Pork & Apple Pie Large
Pork & Cranberry Pie
Pork & Cranberry Pie Medium
Pork & Cranberry Pie Large
Pork & Pickle Pie
Pork & Pickle Pie Medium
Pork & Pickle Pie Large

Steak Pie 7”
Steak & Kidney
Steak & Kidney 10”
Steak & Onion
Steak & Onion 10”
Potato & Meat 10”
Cheese & Onion
Cheese & Onion 10”

Cornish Pasty
Cheese & Onion Pasty
Bacon & Cheese Twist

Pork & Apple Slice
Pork & Stuffing Slice
Cheese & Onion Slice

Sausage Rolls – Jumbo
Sausage Rolls – Regular
Sausage Rolls – Small

Quiche Small

  • Bacon & Mushroom
  • Cheese & Onion

Quiche Medium

  • Bacon & Mushroom
  • Cheese & Onion
  • Broccoli & Cheese

Quiche Large

  • Bacon & Mushroom
  • Cheese & Onion
  • Broccoli & Cheese


“Historical references have the Cornish Pasty dating back to the 13th Century, during the reign of Henry III.

By the end of the 18th century it was the staple diet of Cornish Miners and Farm Workers alike – as it was so easy to carry as well as easy to eat.

The Pasty’s contents were kept warm by the crimped pastry case and its nourishing ingredients gave workers the sustenance they needed during their long and laborious working days.”



Sweet Range

From “School-Days” favourites like Fruit Crumbles and Lemon Meringues through to mouth watering family traditions such as “Grandma’s Apple Pie” (not mention all the other Fruit varieties), we bake a wide range of hard-to-resist deserts for every taste!

Plate Pie – Apple
Plate Pie – Blackcurrant
Plate Pie – Cherry
Plate Pie – Rhubarb
Plate Pie – Apple & Raspberry

Fruit Pie 10” – all flavours
Fruit Tarts – all flavours
Fruit Crumbles – all flavours
Fruit Crumbles – Small – all flavours

Egg Custard – Small
Egg Custard – Large
Egg Custard – 10”

Lemon Meringue – Medium
Lemon Meringue – Large

Loaf Cakes

  • Cherry
  • Sultana
  • Lemon Drizzle

Vanilla Slice




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